China beckoned as a major market. We were retained to develop a new Chinese name for a key product. Starting with 2,500 names, ten finalists were tested in ten cities across the country before one was selected and implemented. A 1 1/2 year process.

Branding Projects INCIDE London


The Idoux family had seen its soufflés sales increase in its Paris restaurant having developed an amazing skill in this most delicate of dishes. We persuaded them to focus on this the relaunch of the restaurant and potentially other worldwide locations. We found and negotiated a site for them and developed their entire concept including; name, brand identity, interior design and worked with them on the menu, operations and designed a special cutlery item for them as well as overseeing PR.


We carried out a number of research projects and readership surveys for world’s foremost news magazine. Much of this information was used extensively to develop more targeted sales strategies aimed at advertisers.


The company wanted to make its brand and marketing management more efficient. We carried out a comprehensive audit of a number of other non competing multi-national corporations to determine which structures worked best.


Disney’s film distribution company needed to know the number of Disney titles that were owned in homes to define their marketing strategy to increase sales. We planned, designed, executed, analysed and reported on a study covering 15 countries. It was a major project completed on time and on budget. We were proud!


Undermined by Sheraton’s Four Points, this client wanted its own 4-star brand for Asia. We executed the implementation brief with a new name and brand to compete. Sadly the entire strategy was not ratified by London HQ! These things also happen…

Case Study Hilton


With Ladbrokes we implemented INCIDE Vue, a proprietary research method to determine consumer contentment in store. This was used to re-design customer flow, technology interaction and interiors.


For the corporate bank we undertook and in-depth internal research project to determine the state of mind of employees after a major setback in the company. This was used to decide upon appropriate internal action.



KLM gave us a challenge. Find out how people felt on board of their flights. We developed a revolutionary research method and successfully tested and implemented this. It later became known as INCIDE Vue.